My registration is not accepted because I do not live in Durham Region. Why ?

We are offering the free flights to children who live in the community that the Oshawa Executive Airport serves because we have limited capacity.

Many airports hold free flight events for boys and girls, so please check with an airport close to you to ask whether they hold a Young Eagles or COPA For Kids event.

How do I register for a free flight ?

This online registration system is the only way to register for a free flight.

A highlighted line under the header will indicate if registration has not yet opened, is full, or has closed.

Can I still get a flight if registration is full ?
Can I be put on the waiting list ?

Sorry, no, we do not maintain a waiting list. You must have registered in advance to fly.

It is possible that someone might cancel, or additional pilots might volunteer, so perhaps it is worth checking back later.

If you are considering getting your pilot′s license, you could purchase an introductory flight lesson from a local flight school. If you just wish a flight, they also offer local sight-seeing flights.

Can children under 8 years or older than 17 years old fly ?

Sorry, no. The program is offered to youngsters from 8 to 17 years old.

Please do not ask for an exemption for someone under age 8. Our aircraft lack child seats and child headsets (required to protect hearing, and communicate with the pilot). Please bring them to a future event when they are older.

Is the event cancelled if it rains ?

Rain, low cloud and high wind are all reasons we may need to postpone or cancel the event. We cannot guarantee you a flight. Depending on the weather, we may be able to fly for part of the day.

If a rain date is listed, then the event may be re-scheduled for that date. Due to the number of aircraft, pilots and volunteers required to run this event, it may not be possible to re-schedule in the event of poor weather.

Please check this web site for weather announcements prior to coming to the airport.

Can I fly together with my sister/brother/relative/friend ?

Many aircraft carry a pilot and three passengers. We try to group passengers so you go up together, but it isn′t always possible. We prioritize younger children with their older siblings. Each must be individually registered.

Do we need to pay for anything ?

There is no cost for your participation in the Young Eagles program. Everything is generously provided by volunteers and sponsors. Thank your pilot - they are donating their aircraft and fuel.

Still have a question ?

We receive numerous emails leading up to the event, most of which are answered on our web site. Please take another look.

If you still have a question, please email us. Our volunteers respond within 48 hours if your question is not answered on our web site. Please check your spam folder !